FEG 900D

Feature of FEG 900D :

  • Auto image update by vehicle status change
  • Emergency Information dispatch
  • Restricted route monitor
  • Storage for data buffer (1500 points)
  • Mobile Phone Location Request
  • Alarm/location report to user mobile

Main Feature of FEG 900D :

  • Fix time,distance and location Report
  • Geofence and Speed Report
  • Main Power disconnect alarm
  • For communication have GPRS / SMS Communication and DNS
  • For Battery have Smart Power Protection and Power Saving Mode
  • Control tracker status and Mobil Phone Configuration
  • Fuel Volume Monitor, Lower fuel level alarm

Optional Accessories / Tools of FEG 900D :

  • Voice / SMS have Handfree voice call and Quick dial
  • RFID / Dallas and Shock sensor
  • Fleet data management
  • Ad message display / dispatch and Emergency Information dispatch
  • Route have In / Out of the taxi station report